Record Your CX Day Greeting and Be a Part of Our Global Celebration

By Nicole DuMont posted 08-31-2023 11:35 AM


Greetings to our amazing global community of CX enthusiasts! As we gear up for CX Day, we're thrilled to share a special opportunity with you, brought to you by CXPA's very own Content Manager, Gabe Smith, CCXP. We're working on an incredible video that will shine a spotlight on the exceptional work of global CX practitioners – and we'd be honored to have your voice included. 

In a world where connections have taken on new meaning, our desire to go beyond the confines of our screens has grown stronger. The Global Good Morning videos are all about capturing the vibrant energy of our diverse worldwide community. It's as easy as recording a video saying "Happy CX Day from" along with your city, region, state, or country. Keep it under 1 minute 45 seconds, in landscape format, without added graphics or music. Your contribution should be submitted using the link below by September 13 to be considered for the compilation. 

Some quick tips to ensure your video shines: 

  • Find a well-lit spot that illuminates your face. 
  • Think about using props or locations that visually represent your place. 
  • Recording "Selfie style" or on Zoom can create a personal touch with great audio. Just remember not to be too far from the microphone. 

When you're ready to share your CX Day spirit, click the link below to record, review, and submit! Your participation will play a huge role in making CX Day an even greater success. Thank you in advance for being part of this global celebration!