Member Planning Input Survey: What We Heard

By Nancy Porte posted 10-20-2022 03:39 PM


CXPA is committed to being an association driven by member needs. Recently we conducted a member survey to inform CXPA planning by better understanding your biggest needs, interest in ideas under consideration, and your advice to the Board of Directors as we enter the planning season.  Thank you to the 379 members who completed the survey!  As we enter planning, I want to share some of the key insights from the survey, let you know about our planning next steps, and make sure you are aware that we are accepting applications for the Board of Directors and other volunteer opportunities. (login required to view and apply)

About the respondents

  • Half of the respondents (50%) were from outside the United States.
  • 48% had more than 10 years of CX experience; 43% had 3 to 10 years of CX experience;  9% had less than 3 years of CX experience.
  • 61% serve in a CX practitioner role. The next largest functional role was consultant, accounting for 23% of respondents.
  • 55% hold the CCXP certification, while 35% plan to earn it in the future.

Key survey insights

  • According to respondents, their “biggest need” was:
    • Research, benchmarking, and industry insights (43%)
    • Online training to help grow CX skills (24%)
    • Career-related resources (e.g., certifications, job board, mentor program) (22%)
The least frequently reported “biggest need” was "Multi-day in-person CXPA programs" (9%).

  • When asked about interest in specific programs under consideration, the top three programs ranked by cumulative percent of respondents expressing “Very Interested” or “Extremely Interested” were:
    1. A toolkit CX professionals can use to engage their colleagues at their organization to launch or advance their organization’s CX (92%)
    2. A marketplace of quality training courses in line with the CXPA CX Framework (90%)
    3. A tool to help CX leaders assess the maturity of their organization’s CX program and identify steps appropriate to their CX maturity stage (86%)

  • Open-ended responses to the question “What advice would give to the CXPA Board of Directors for their consideration during planning conversations?” reflected a diversity of opinions and perspectives.
A few themes that stood out to me include the need for CXPA to consider the various specialized interests within our community (e.g., B2B CX, government); supporting the CCXP certification; promoting the value of CX; improving the organization of the CXPA website; and considering the range of needs of the global community. 

I am also thankful for the comments of appreciation, and the desire from respondents to be better informed about the direction of the organization, to which I hope this post adds another element of sharing. (If you have not yet watched my comments on this from earlier this year, here is a link to my video update on directions for CXPA.)    

Next steps

The CXPA Board and staff will be convening next week to build a multi-year plan informed by this feedback. The planning will help structure 2023 activities as well as longer terms initiatives. We look forward to sharing more about these plans in the coming months.  

Are you who we need to take CXPA forward? 

If you are excited about these directions, I encourage you to get involved as a CXPA volunteer leader. We are currently seeking applicants to serve on the CXPA Board of Directors, Regional Councils, CCXP Advisory Council and Committees, and more.  You can apply for any or all of these opportunities by logging in and completing the 2023 CXPA Leadership Opportunities (Global Board, Regional Councils, Committees and More) form. The deadline to apply is Midnight, Friday October 28.

Thank you for the honor of leading our community this year.  I look forward to sharing plans for what’s next!

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Thank you for the feedback. It's helpful to see the results. Thank you!