Dressing up CX

By Ms. Sarah Andrews, CCXP posted 14 days ago


Halloween is a fun week filled with candy, pumpkins, & costumes. I’d encourage you to look around your organization & see if you might be “dressing up” poor customer experiences (CX). 🎃
All the examples below should scare you into revisiting your CX strategy – remove the fright & design for delight!
📜Do you create scripts for your staff to use for common service failures vs. examining the customer journey & understanding how to prevent the failure?
🖥Have you deployed a new technology-enabled solution for your check-in process, even though that wasn’t your customers’ pain point?
🛠Does your team identify an improvement opportunity & begin fixing it independently without collaborating with other cross-functional departments?
📏Do you continue to obsessively measure the same CX survey metrics without linking them to your operational metrics, to see if your CX strategies are really moving the needle?
💣 Do you retain team members who don’t have a passion for CX & continue to cause friction internally & with customers, because “they have so much industry knowledge”?
💔Have you spent months & considerable dollars developing a new marketing campaign vs. talking to recently cancelled customers to find out why they left?
What scary examples would you add to this list? Share them in the comments. 👻