CX lessons from The Bear (episode 7: Forks)

By Ms. Sarah Andrews, CCXP posted 12 days ago


Any other customer experience (CX) professionals struggle to find (yet) another example to describe to their family what CX is?
Fear not! I found a great example while watching 🐻 The Bear (Hulu) season 2, episode 7: Forks. 🍴
In the episode, Richie gets to be an apprentice in one of Chicago’s finest restaurants, Ever ( He gets an opportunity to work in the kitchen & shadow the host – learning firsthand how Ever received three Michelin stars & has a waitlist of 5,000 hopeful diners.
Here are some of the CX strategies Richie learns:  
📢 Strong communication: the servers pass inconspicuous notes to the hostess throughout the meal which provide information about the diners to the kitchen (e.g. they like their food piping hot, they’re celebrating a promotion, etc.). The hostess shares this information with the chefs so they can execute on the perfect meal.
❓How is your CX team communicating with the key departments in your organization?

🙌 Team collaboration: the ability for the servers to listen & truly hear the diners needs & then quickly share with the hostess, who can translate that information into action with the chef is truly magic. The servers, kitchen crew, host, & hostess act as one team working together to serve the customers – without a hierarchy.
❓How is your CX workgroup structured? How are team members working together to serve each other & your customers?

🎉 Find small moments of delight: One note Richie receives says the family is visiting from out of town & bummed they didn’t get to have any Chicago deep-dish pizza before they head home in the morning. Richie runs down the street, grabs a classic deep dish, the chef transforms it from a normal slice of pizza to an elevated dish, & Richie surprises the family with their sought-after pizza. They are blown away by the gesture, the fact that someone heard their quick comment & delivered a thoughtful surprise.
❓How has your organization empowered each person to delight one customer a day?

💓 Connect to your purpose: Richie asks the hostess how she can keep up with this hectic environment. Her response: “every night you make somebody’s day, that’s how I can do this work”.
❓ How are you helping your team members reconnect to their passion & purpose in this difficult work?
🍕 It’s not about the deep-dish pizza or the over top dishes they’re serving – it’s about giving each diner the feeling that they mattered. The diners can feel that the entire team worked together to craft an experience just for them.