4 CX Lessons from Chicago's Wrigley Field

By Ms. Sarah Andrews, CCXP posted 07-20-2023 02:12 PM


Yesterday my family made our annual trip to Wrigley Field to watch our beloved Cubs win 17-3 vs. the Nationals. While I was sitting there (keeping score, like my Grampa taught me) with my Dad, my husband, & my three sons - I was flooded with CX lessons:

Connection to the physical space: When you crest above the stairs & see the field for the first time it takes your breath away. You see the National Historic Landmark scoreboard, the ivy-covered walls, & the immaculate green grass. Wrigley Field is a special place to countless Cubs fans, each one with their own story of their first game &  where the connection to this place all started. While the players in the pinstripe uniforms may change through the seasons, the Cubs know that the ballpark is the one constant emotional tie to the team.

Everyone plays an important role: Each Wrigley Field team member you encounter knows how special this space is to their fans, they warmly greet you, offer to take a family picture for you, share fun facts about the ballpark, & ensure it lives up to its name: The Friendly Confines. My kids were surprised to see that each 2016 Wrigley Field usher also received a championship ring. I explained that each person in an organization is responsible for the team's success & therefore should be rewarded, celebrated, & share in the achievement.

Just get on base: The Cubs had a rocky first 5 innings & were losing 3-1, then in the seventh inning they took my mom’s age-old advice, “Just get a little hit.” This momentum started to build & they drove in 6 runs in the seventh & 8 runs in the eighth. So many times we try to implement one home run CX initiative when really all we need are incremental moments of improvement to build CX momentum. 

Honor the legacy: Twenty years ago my husband & I went on our first date to a Cubs game. We’re third-generation Cubs fans, raising the fourth generation (we always tell them, Cubs fans have amazing grit (due to all the losses we endure) - this will serve you well in life!). Wrigley Field is awash in honoring the Cubs that came before us - from the pennants on the poles, the “Hey, Hey” you hear after a homerun, the statues around the stadium, & of course Harry’s seventh-inning stretch. How are you honoring the CX heroes that laid the groundwork for your culture?

I’m grateful for the experience last night & all the CX pillars the Cubs follow to bring home a W on & off the diamond.