Why Customer Focused Employees are Key to an Organization

By Rajith Nair CCXP posted 08-24-2021 01:06 PM


Organizations have Goals and Objectives ( OKRs ). They have KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators) to support the OKRs ( Objectives and Key Results ) and all these flow from the Top of the Organization.

Employees at the bottom of the Pyramid are expected to Execute in a way that KPIs are always in the Green. This then most likely ensures that OKR’s are met. 

Leadership may very well be focused on Customer Needs but in most instances Employees responsible to deliver and are the face of the Organisation are not.

This leads to a mismatch : What the Organisation wants to do Vs What it actually does.

The Delivery functions and the functions which are Customer Facing have to exhibit Customer Centricity in their interactions with customers. They have to be Empathetic and willing to do help

Here are some of the Benefits of being a Customer Centric organization:

The Benefits :

  • Customer Retention
  • Marketing opportunities to Upsell & to get a higher Wallet Share from the Customer
  • Build Strong & Honest Relationship with Customers
  • Brings Agility to the organization as they are aware of Customer Needs and can Pivot faster than the Competition
  • Competitive Advantage -  is created when all the above happens

What Do Organizations need to Do :

  • Screen candidates for Customer Centric values as part of the Hiring & Selection Process.
  • At the On Boarding Phase introduce new entrants to Organizations Customer Vision
  • Provide Training to Existing & New Staff to build and maintain Skills required to deliver positive Customer Experience
  • Communicate the importance of Customer Experience to Employees, Customers and Stakeholders
  • Collect & Share Stories of Customer Experience Best Practices across the Employee Base
  • Reward & Recognitions should be connected with Customer Centric Behavior & Performance on Customer Metrics.


It is the Culture of the Organisation which makes it Customer Centric or not. However one thing is certain, Organizations with a Customer Centric Culture do well at all times and in instances when the Economic Climate is down ( eg. COViD Pandemic) they bounce back faster.

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