Every CX Leader Needs to Have One of These…

By Mark Slatin, CCXP posted 02-06-2024 06:35 AM


A CX Roadmap!


Lost in the Wilderness

Picture this: you decide to take a spontaneous vacation, throwing caution to the wind and setting out without a destination or itinerary. The excitement of spontaneity quickly turns into confusion as you find yourself lost in unfamiliar territory. Similarly, a business operating without a CX roadmap is bound to encounter pain points - customer dissatisfaction, inefficient processes, and lost opportunities.

Without a strategic plan in place, CX leaders risk losing sight of their organizational goals, leading to a disjointed and frustrating change process. Just as a traveler might feel disoriented in an unknown city, customers navigating through a poorly managed CX may become disillusioned and lose confidence in you and your recommendations.

Navigating Choppy Waters

In the absence of a clear roadmap, both vacationers and businesses may find themselves navigating choppy waters. The lack of direction can create confusion, frustration, and inefficiency. Imagine trying to find your way through an intricate cityscape with no map or GPS – the agitation mounts as time and resources are wasted.

Instead of gaining traction, your support for CX initiatives will likely hit a wall. 

Charting a Seamless CX Journey

But with a clear plan, a CX roadmap, CX leaders can identify gaps based on proven frameworks.  Crafting a comprehensive CX roadmap allows businesses to anticipate pain points and proactively address them. It is the equivalent of planning your vacation with meticulous detail, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

How to build a roadmap that ensures successful CX transformation?

A 5 Step CX roadmap:

  1. Assess the Current State - Take an experience maturity assessment to benchmark where you are today.

  2. Craft your CX Mission and Principles - Get clear on how decisions get made and strategies are created.  It’s like the GPS that guides your trip. 

  3. Identify the Gaps - Make a list of the gaps between your current state and the desired future state of customer experience at your organization.

  4. Prioritize Projects - Since you can’t ‘boil the ocean,’ use a prioritization framework to decide which projects get attention first.

  5. Build Your CX Roadmap - From steps 1-4, build your CX roadmap (typically a 2-3 year plan).

Just as a well-planned vacation leads to relaxation and enjoyment, a carefully crafted CX roadmap leads to acceptance of your recommendations, progress on CX related projects, and a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making. 

A CX roadmap based on proven frameworks will create a win-win situation for both your organization and your customers.  It will demonstrate to the C-Suite that you are doing strategic work that brings value to the organization - value that aligns with their goals.

In conclusion, the importance of a CX roadmap cannot be overstated. Much like planning a vacation, crafting a CX roadmap ensures that businesses navigate the customer journey with purpose, anticipating challenges, and delivering a seamless experience that leaves customers delighted and loyal.

Building your CX Roadmap is the third of four steps to becoming a trusted guide.  I’ve written about the other two already (link below) and I’ll be sharing the fourth one shortly:

  1. Earning Trust

  2. Becoming a Guide 

  3. Building Your CX Roadmap (this one)

  4. Proving the Value (coming soon!)

I’ll be sharing tips on how to Prove the Value of CX right here in the CXPA blog. Stay tuned!

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Mark Slatin, CCXP is the CEO of EmpoweredCX,  Professor of Practice in the Masters of Science of CXM at Michigan State University, former CXPA Board Member, Creator of The Trusted Guide Roadmap™ Master Class, and host of The Delighted Customers Podcast.