Turning indifferent customers into loyal fans - FREE CX ROADMAP eBook

By Mark Slatin, CCXP posted 11-22-2022 07:18 AM

Want to turn customers into loyal fans? Get the FREE ebook!

The 5 steps outlined in the CX ROADMAP eBook walk you through a straightforward path to earning loyal fans:

▪Assess the current state
▪Define your CX mission
▪Identify the gaps
▪Prioritize projects
▪Build your CX Roadmap

Why is a CX ROADMAP eBook important right now?

Overall customer satisfaction, tracked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®), fell in nine of the past 10 quarters. It now sits at its lowest level in 15 years (73.6 out of 100).

When satisfaction drops customers who were:

😑 Loyal become indifferent
🙁 Indifferent become detractors
😠 Detractors leave

Companies that have a commitment to putting their customers at the center of their strategies and executing will win.

They’ll win because customers who are fed up with poor service are willing to say goodbye and switch to a new provider now more than ever.  

If you want to:

😀 Increase customer acquisition
😀 Improve customer retention/renewals
😀 Grow existing customer business
😀 Increase referrals
😀 Reduce cost to serve

Then now is the time to double down on the commitment to your customers.

The CX ROADMAP eBook is more than a plan, it's a strategic guide to help you develop a comprehensive path to earn loyal fans - and it's unique to you. 

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