Collaboration Between CX and Business Improvement: A Recipe for Success

By Álvaro Pérez, CCXP posted 02-22-2024 04:42 PM


Collaboration and Improvement in organizations

Organizations are complex entities that require a multidisciplinary approach for their development and growth. In this context, different disciplines with diverse origins tackle organizational problems from various perspectives, which, without a holistic view, can lead to overlaps, gaps, ambiguities, or even contradictions. Decisions made from a narrow perspective can generate unforeseen impacts within the organization. A cost-saving decision driven by an exclusively financial perspective can impact employee satisfaction; a successful but uncoordinated marketing campaign can lead to an unexpected overload resulting in a degrad

ed customer experience; a new legal requirement may hinder the business process, leading to an unexpected drop in sales. Therefore, collaboration among all the disciplines involved in the management of the organization is paramount. In particular, collaboration between the disciplines of customer experience (CX) and business improvement (BI) is crucial in the evolution of modern organizations. 

Business improvement represents a set of practices and methodologies aimed at identifying the current state of the organization, defining the desired state, and devising improvement plans to bridge the identified gaps. Additionally, business improvement processes often include methods for measuring and managing the impact of the implemented improvement actions. Disciplines encompassed under this term include Total Quality Management, ISO 9001, Lean, and Six Sigma, for example.

It is important to understand that, in a rapidly changing world,  an organization that does not strive to constantly improve and advance is not only doomed to stagnation, but is condemned to lose relevance. This means that, beyond the specific methodology adopted, there should be a business improvement approach at all levels and aspects of the organization. And Customer Experience (CX) is no exception.

Collaboration between Business Improvement and CX

The synergy between individuals focused on business improvement and those centered on customer experience offers numerous opportunities to enrich both fields. Business improvement teams bring rigor and discipline in structuring and executing improvement processes, while CX teams provide a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations and how to maximize the impact of these improvements on their experience.

An essential aspect that the discipline of customer experience contributes to business improvement disciplines is the customer-centered perspective. It is crucial to ensure that, in the pursuit of goals such as efficiency and profitability, the customer experience is not compromised. Even when difficult situations demand short-term restrictive decisions, it is vital to recognize and understand which aspects of the relationship with the customer and their loyalty could be affected. This approach facilitates the search for appropriate balances or, at least, allows for more informed decision-making, with a clear understanding of all possible impacts.

On the other hand, both business improvement and customer experience initiatives demand a collaborative and cross-sectional effort within the organization, allowing those who lead them to combine forces and mutually enhance each other to exert effective leadership at multiple levels. This lateral leadership is essential for promoting and sustaining improvement initiatives and ensuring that these initiatives are understood and adopted throughout the organization.

In conclusion, the collaboration between business improvement and customer experience teams is not only desirable but necessary for the sustainable success of any organization. By integrating these disciplines, companies can not only optimize their internal operations but also significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. This integrated approach ensures that improvements are not only efficient and sustainable but also aligned with the needs and desires of customers, which ultimately leads to long-term growth and prosperity for the organization.

Alvaro Perez, CCXP is the Director of Consulting and Practice Leader at Xn Partners, a consulting company in Uruguay. He is also a 2023 winner of CXPA’s Emerging Leader Awards. “Effective Collaboration Between CX and Business Improvement: A Guide to Strengthening CX Together” is available for free online reading to CXPA members at Not a member? Learn more and join today.