On the Move--Celebrating Your Career Successes in February 2023

By Jennifer Baker posted 03-02-2023 05:02 AM


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Here are some CX pros who were recently on the move:

First Row, L-R

·       Linzi Hindle, Director of Customer Experience, DHL Supply Chain

·       Ismail Ozenc, CCXP, Associate Vice President, Siemens Advanta Consulting

·       Michelle Brigman, Head of Customer Success, [24]

·       Sakshi M, Senior Customer Success Manager, inFeedo

·       Rémi Weber Dublaron, CCXP, Senior Consultant in CX, Orange Business Services

Second Row, L-R

·       Ashley Matz, CCXP, Senior Customer Experience (CX) Manager, Blackhawk Network

·       Susana Esteban, Senior Customer Experience Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

·       Carlos Quezada, Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy, Automation & Enablement, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

·       Zack Hamilton, Executive Practitioner, CX + EX, Forsta

·       Lindsay Lunter, Global CX Analytics Lead, Chubb

·       Lora Zlatanova, Business Strategy Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Third Row, L-R

·       Prash Luther, Head of Participant Engagement, Linear Clinical Research Ltd

·       David Reid, CCXP, Senior Director of Global Operations, Customer & Partner Services, Zebra Technologies

·       Jill Andreu, Chief Customer Officer, The Wyman Company

·       Jason Anderson, Vice President of CX & Marketing, BriskHeat Corporation

·       Barry Sutherland, Client Experience Director, Henderson Engineers

·       Diana Domm Smythe, Director, CX Integration, Federated Co-operatives Limited