Getting immersive while working remotely

By Janelle Mansfield posted 03-19-2020 04:12 PM

Notebelow is not your typical blog post about working remotely!  Read on, and learn how to adapt your in-person meetings / workshops / training to being remote friendly and highly productive!

getting immersive
As CX professionals many of us are already a jack of all trades and are highly adaptable to changing situations and scenarios.  Now is the time for us to roll-up our sleeves (again!), be vulnerable and adapt our processes, expand our toolbox and be more open than ever to trying new approaches / techniques / tools.

I've gotten questions from friends and colleagues about how to shift gears and turn in-person workshops into remote collaboration sessions.  As a current WFH solopreneure and a former corporate commuter / distance worker I have to admit, I kind of love it!  For 7 years I struggled to get my "in-office" colleagues to adopt approaches that considered the remote-worker, and now the tables have turned.  I get to put those years of straining to hear and follow along to good use, and share these 3 tips and tricks with you.

1. Proactively plan your meetings - as a facilitator or meeting chairperson your role to proactively plan the meeting / workshop / training session is more important than ever.  You will need to consider how best to engage your participants (and keep them engaged), what online tools you will need (and how to train newbies on their use), how much time you can reasonably hold people's attention from a distance (guaranteed, it's less time than you think!) and how you will shift gears if technology doesn't hold up its end of the bargain (and it likely won't work as intended for at least 1 person)

2. Consider how to engage your Extroverts vs. Introverts and your Visual vs. Audio learners - just as we've had to find ways to adapt for different learning and participation styles for in-person gatherings, as facilitators we need to carefully asses and plan for different styles when working remotely. To best achieve this, consider a combination of tools or techniques.  See item 3 below.

3.  Go beyond voice and video - consider the use of a collaboration tool like  Tools like these allow for active participation in a very engaging and visual manner.  This combined with a voice / video option will better accommodate your group's different learning and participation styles.  Combining say Zoom and Mural replaces the traditional in-person workshop, and will immersively engage your participants.

If you're not familiar with Mural, watch this short tutorial (link:


4. Bonus tip: consider the use of co-facilitators and divide up roles and responsibilities (1 to manage tech issues and the chat, 1 to actively facilitate)
5. Bonus tip: invest in double monitors! 
6. Bonus tip: take time to practice and play around with tools in advance of your first use, ask a friend for a quick tutorial

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