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Unleashing the Power of Experience Management with Bruce Temkin

By Gregorio Uglioni, CCXP posted 15 days ago



It was an absolute pleasure to have Bruce Temkin, one of the founders of customer experience and a leading figure in the field, on the CX Goalkeeper Podcast. Bruce’s vast experience and insights into customer experience, transformation, and leadership are truly inspiring.

Bruce currently leads the Qualtrics XM Institute and has been focusing on customer experience and employee experience for a long time. He has a deep understanding of how people think and feel in different contexts, whether they’re customers, employees, colleagues, partners, fans, or patients. His mantra, “Experience matters, because people matter,” is a testament to his dedication to improving experiences for all.

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Deep Dive into the Discussion
Values that Drive Bruce’s Life: Bruce started the conversation by sharing the values that drive his life. He emphasized the importance of empathy and humanity, and how these values have shaped his approach to Experience Management (XM).

Understanding Experience Management: Bruce explained that XM is about understanding and improving the experiences of all people, not just customers. This broader perspective allows organizations to create more meaningful and impactful experiences.

The Difference Between CX and XM: Bruce delved into the difference between Customer Experience (CX) and XM. While CX focuses on the interactions between a customer and a company, XM extends this focus to include all the people who interact with an organization. This includes employees, partners, and even society at large.

The Six Laws of Experience Management: Bruce shared the six laws of Experience Management, which are guiding principles for any organization looking to improve their XM. These laws are:

1) Every interaction creates a personal reaction,
2) People are instinctively self-centered,
3) Customer loyalty is about emotions,
4) Customer feedback isn’t enough,
5) Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers, and
6) Operational silos can cause bad customer experience.

Bruce’s Favorite Law of Experience Management: Among these, Bruce’s favorite is the third law – customer loyalty is about emotions. He believes that organizations often overlook the emotional aspect of experiences, focusing too much on the functional and forgetting that people are fundamentally emotional beings.

Key Leadership Lessons from Bruce’s Career: Bruce shared key leadership lessons from his career. He stressed the importance of leading by example and creating a culture of empathy within an organization. He believes that leaders play a crucial role in driving the transformation towards better XM.

Bruce’s Vision for the Future of Experience Management: Looking towards the future, Bruce envisions a world where XM is integrated into every aspect of an organization. He believes that as technology continues to evolve, it will enable organizations to better understand and improve the experiences of all people they interact with.

Bruce’s Golden Nugget
“The world needs more empathy and humanity and the work that you do is critical. Don’t get frustrated that the organization isn’t changing fast enough. Don’t get upset that everyone doesn’t get it. If everyone got it, and everyone was doing it, they wouldn’t need us. The work about bringing empathy and humanity and experience management to companies, to organizations, to hospitals, to football teams, to insurance companies to banks, is very important work.”

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