Conducting a CX Roadmap Assessment: Insights from Industry Leaders

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 08-10-2023 09:34 PM


In a recent LinkedIn Live event presented by CXPA and NPSx by Bain and Company, CX leaders shared their insights and experiences on the journey of a CX roadmap assessment. Diya Sikka, Director of NPSx, kicked off the program by outlining the chief goal behind such an assessment: creating a holistic picture of an organization’s CX maturity and capabilities through a deep dive into several interconnected CX capabilities that include leadership commitment, data-driven insights, empowered employees, and clear ties to business results. “We actually spend time looking at evidence, at actual documentation of processes that exist within the organization and use that to inform results,” Sikka said. 

Mike Valanzola from Dell Technologies, Myriam Woestenfeld from Frontiers Media, and Heidi Grassi from S&P Global then joined the program to shed light on the transformative process of gaining external perspective from a valued partner, the challenges encountered, and the strategic impact of the collaboration.

Gaining an Unbiased Outside-In Perspective

One of the driving forces behind engaging in the roadmap assessment process was the need for an external, unbiased view of the organization’s capabilities. Mike Valanzola of Dell Technologies emphasized the significance of having a legitimate third-party assessment to counter any misinterpretation of NPS data by competitors. This external perspective ensured that the organization could confidently validate its strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Validating and Elevating Existing CX Efforts

Myriam Woestenfeld from Frontiers Media highlighted how their hyper-growth journey, with many new employees being onboarded, prompted them to establish a shared customer vision across the organization. Through the assessment process, they also recognized the importance of establishing a strong inner and outer feedback loop and creating a holistic, 360-degree view of the customer. The validation of their customer-centric values allowed them to focus on scaling CX efforts while addressing pain points effectively. The process enabled them to define a clear roadmap for their future CX journey, ensuring alignment across the organization.

Prioritizing Investments and Driving Organizational Change

Heidi Grassi of S&P Global shared how the assessment process facilitated meaningful dialogue and collaboration among CX professionals from various divisions. By bringing together these diverse perspectives, S&P Global identified opportunities to standardize survey structures and enhance coaching feedback processes. The insights gained from the process influenced strategic decisions on investment prioritization, helping the organization innovate and evolve its CX initiatives.

A Catalyst for Organizational Transformation

For these organizations, the roadmap assessment process was not merely a snapshot of their current state; it served as a catalyst for transformation. As these CX leaders attested, the process facilitated conversations and opened doors for cross-functional collaboration. It challenged conventional CX metrics and widened the scope of success beyond traditional customer feedback scores. By incorporating external insights and embracing a broader definition of CX that focused on customer, employee, and business impact, these organizations positioned themselves to deliver value across the entire business ecosystem.

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