Catch the Webinar Replay: Transforming Retail by Leveraging Digital, Sponsored by WNS

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 06-01-2023 04:14 PM


CXPA recently hosted a sponsored webinar by WNS focused on "Transforming Retail by Leveraging Digital," which aimed to illuminate the key strategies, tools, and practices that can empower CX pros in retail to harness the full potential of digital innovation. Joining me for this conversation were Rox Burkey, CCXP, Contact Center Specialist at Zoom, Aniket Godbole, CX Practice Lead for North America and APAC for WNS, and Mike Tracey, SVP of Sales at WNS. Here are a few high-level takeaways from our conversation--the full replay can be found here.

  1. Customer Expectations Continue to Evolve: Rox Burkey, CCXP, noted that customer expectations have significantly changed over the years, with a strong shift towards omnichannel experiences and consistent interactions across all channels. Customers now conduct their own research, desire a seamless experience, and have numerous choices. Retailers must adapt to these changing behaviors to retain customers and prevent them from taking their business elsewhere.
  2. Digital Tools and Human Interaction Must be Balanced: Aniket Godbole shared that achieving a seamless experience requires striking a balance between digital tools and human interaction. While digital channels offer diverse opportunities for engagement, retailers should also prioritize human touchpoints to enhance the customer experience. Finding the right blend of technology and personal interaction is crucial for meeting customer expectations.
  3. Five Business Imperatives for Retailers: Mike Tracy outlined five critical imperatives for retailers in the context of evolving e-commerce:

    a. Improving conversions and average order value: Retailers should focus on enhancing conversions and increasing the average order value through offline modeling, data utilization, and personalized customer experiences.

    b. Managing hyper-growth and demand variability: As retailers transition to e-commerce, they must effectively scale their capabilities to handle rapid growth and manage demand fluctuations. Agility plays a crucial role in adapting to changing market dynamics.

    c. Increasing affinity to digital:  It's important to consider the preferences and behaviors of different customer segments to drive adoption and preference toward digital channels.

    d. Enhancing loyalty: Implementing loyalty programs can help retailers retain customers and drive revenue growth. Investing in existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

    e. Delighting customers with skilled digital associates: Retailers empower their employees and provide deep product knowledge and expertise. Skilled digital associates can effectively address customer issues and create brand ambassadors.

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