CXPA and Heart of the Customer Conduct New Research on How CX Programs are Structured--And We Need Your Help

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 12-01-2022 04:16 PM


There is little research conducted on established CX program structure and what components should be considered when building a successful CX team, such as how to best allocate resources, determine hiring objectives, and use KPIs to evaluate performance.

Continuing its research partnership launched this year aimed at better understanding the journey of new CX leaders (research available here to CXPA members) CXPA is partnering with Heart of the Customer to complete a research initiative with the objective to understand how the best programs are structured and why. We are looking for established & mature CX program leaders across North America.

Would you be interested in participating in a 45-minute web-based video interview from December 5th – January 20th, 2023? Let us know your interest by completing this 2-minute survey:

Our goal is to speak with 15-25 CX leaders:

  • Who lead the day-to-day responsibilities of their CX team
  • Manages a headcount of four or more team members all dedicated to CX
  • Where the CX program has been formed at least two years ago at their organization with dedicated CX employee(s).

(Note: newly appointed CX program leaders are out of scope for the current project. We may also ask to speak with their executive sponsor and/or HR leader to learn more.)

Interviewees will not need to prepare anything in advance of the interviews. All interviews will be recorded. Interviewees will have the option to remain anonymous.

 If you have any questions about this study, please don’t hesitate to contact either Eduardo Diaz at or Brian Posaz at