CX Day Member and Partner Round-Up

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 10-06-2022 03:32 PM



This CX Day, CXPA members and partners outdid themselves when it came to creating compelling CX content. From blog posts, to videos, to podcasts, to new CX storytelling platforms, offers, and newsletters, there's no shortage of ways for you to up your CX learning and development this week and beyond.  In this post, we feature a number of these new resources to jump-start your thinking in the days to come.  We’ve also included links to the fantastic webinars that CXPA sponsors organized for CX Day. More than 2,000 people participated in these sessions – but if it that didn’t include you, be sure to watch the recording to see what you missed!  

Here's the round-up:


  • Move over Seinfeld, because Nate Brown just unveiled a special CX Day episode of his video series "CX Pros in Cars Getting Pie." Join Nate and Brian Carlson,VP of Patient Experience at Vanderbilt University Medical Center as they talk CX over some incredible-looking strawberry pie.
  • CXPA's global CX award partner, Awards International, debuted several videos on CX Day featuring past award winners giving CX Day shoutouts. Here's one of our favorites, from USCXA award winner BCBS of Kansas City. 
  • Medallia launched its new on-demand TV network "Experience Now." Their site features tons of on-demand videos including thought leadership from renowned leaders like Fred Reicheld, as well as case studies and other CX conversations.


  • Mark Slatin, CCXP is the host of the "Empowered CX" Podcast. This week, Mark hosted a pair of CXPA guests. In the first interview, Mark hosted CXPA's CEO Greg Melia, CAE, for a discussion about how he became CXPA's CEO, and a conversation about how CXPA's nine new publications will benefit members.  Mark also interviewed CXPA's Board Chair, Nancy Porte, CCXP, to gain her perspective on the importance of gaining executive buy-in for CX initiatives. 
  • Our friends at "The CX Leader Podcast," hosted by Steve Walker, also convened a special CX Day edition of their popular broadcast. In this episode, Steve is joined by Sean Clayton, CCXP, Sheila March, CCXP, and Jack Walker, CCXP for a discussion about the similarities between CX and professional racing, an appropriate comparison given Walker's Indianapolis home base. 

Blog Posts


  • CXPA member Dave Seaton, CCXP, started a newsletter whose title we love--CXPresso. Dave promises one "shot" of CX wisdom each week in your inbox. You can learn more and subscribe here.


  • The ultimate CX goal is to exceed customers' expectations based on interactions across all touchpoints, people, and technology over time. In this session you will hear from CXPA and Cisco experts on how delivering exceptional CX drives success.
  • Thriving in the ever-evolving, sometimes volatile, experience economy requires resilience. And one of the best ways to remain resilient is to keep your customers - and keep them happy. Customer loyalty is often an overlooked cornerstone of stability. In this webinar, explore seven best practices for customer loyalty.
  • A successful human-digital approach leverages next-gen technologies, complemented by a team of industry experts who offer empathetic, proactive, and personalized service - to drive the right customer outcomes. In this webinar, explore how digital and CX teams can partner to drive success.
  • Most CX programs are unable to prove the value of their work, leading to a loss of influence and a high turnover rate amongst CX practitioners. Research from CustomerThink, Pointillist, CXPA and Heart of the Customer shows that most programs can't show business impact. Join Jim Tincher, CCXP, as he explores how to drive growth through game-changing CX strategy.
  • Customer experience, when done right, is an organization's most powerful differentiator and strongest catalyst for growth. Too often, CX leaders are left defending their program rather than showing the impact it delivers on company growth. In this webinar, learn how to go on offense, showing results that drive sustainable growth.
  • Great CX is hard! And the number one reason for that, according to Forrester, is lack of collaboration. From people and processes to tools and data, traditional business structures don't align with our customer-centric ambitions. Join this CX Day fireside chat with CX leaders from Prudential and Walgreens as they discuss tactics to drive more effective collaboration.