October 4th, 2022: Celebrating 10 Years of CX Day

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 06-02-2022 12:20 PM


CXPA will celebrate the tenth annual CX Day on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.  “CX Day is one of my favorite days of the year,” said Nancy Porte, CCXP, 2022 CXPA Chair. “It is an opportunity to celebrate the happy customers and positive outcomes that come from an organization united by a commitment to delivering great experiences.”

This year’s theme is CX Drives Success. The theme spotlights how customer experience strategy powers better results for consumers, employees, organizations, and the world.  Customer experience is the perception that customers have of an organization - one that is formed based on interactions across all touchpoints, people, and technology over time. Customer Experience Management is the set of practices that an organization employs to meet (or exceed) customers’ expectations.  When properly designed and implemented, these practices led to a culture of customer-centricity, where every department and employee is united in the quest for customer experience and every thought and action is meaningful, making customers’ lives better – while contributing to positive business performance outcomes including customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth that support positive financial returns.

Customer experience doesn’t just happen. It requires organizational commitment and leadership provided by a CX professional who serves as a catalyst to enhance an organization's results by understanding, designing, and improving experiences across the entire customer relationship in concert with the full breadth of the organization.  CX Day is a global day to celebrate the organizations, individuals, and yes, customers, that are at the heart of better customer experiences.  The Customer Experience Professionals Association, the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession, is the organizer of CX Day, but the true power of the celebration is the celebrations that are organized and hosted by companies, CXPA Networks, and individuals who share a passion for CX.  To see highlights from last year’s CX Day and to keep abreast of 2022 plans and developments, visit