Taken on a CX Leader role since August 2019? Read on.

By Gabe Smith CCXP posted 7 days ago


Even in the best circumstances, taking on a new CX leadership role is daunting. On top of the typical challenges of any new career step, CX leaders have the added challenge of preparing to influence change across the organization. New CX leaders are likely to be bombarded with advice on what to do and how to do it – sometimes helpful, sometimes contradictory, and other times just the wrong fit for the particular circumstances of their organization. CXPA, the association for CX professionals, understands this challenge and has partnered with market leaders Quadient and Heart of the Customer to conduct independent consensus research on these issues – and we ask for your participation.

Who are we looking for—and what will you do?

·       We are seeking 25 CX professionals who have started their new CX leadership roles between August 2019 and October 2021 in the US, Canada, or UK. 

·       Selected volunteers will participate in a forty-five-minute individual web-based interview conducted at a mutually convenient time between January 20th-February 22nd, 2022.

·       The interview questions will be based on general recollection of the first 12 months in the position, so you do not have to prepare a lot in advance. You will be provided with a list of resources (such as the metrics you use in your CX program) which you may want to personally reference to support your participation, but you will not be required to share proprietary or confidential information or specific facts or figures.

How will you benefit by participating?

              As a thank you for your time:

·       Your reflections during the interview are likely to provide personal insight into your leadership style and handling of typical touchpoints in a CX leader’s first year in a new role.

·       Interviewees will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive briefing session with the project researchers and fellow interviewees.

·       All participants will receive the compiled synthesized research insights, as well as a journey map of a CX leader’s first year in a new role.

And wait, there’s more:

·       You will also receive CCXP renewal credits if applicable.

·       You will have the option to be listed as an interview contributor to the project.

·       You will help advance the Customer Experience profession by contributing to an important independent consensus research project focused on one of the most pivotal times in CX success.

How to sign up:      

·       Complete the form at this link to volunteer!

·       Have questions about the project? Contact Gabe Smith, CCXP.