CXPA Impact Award Winner Spotlight: Leandro Coelho

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 11-11-2021 01:49 PM

On CX Day, CXPA celebrated the winners of its 2021 Impact Award as determined by a panel of global volunteer judges.
Leandro CoelhoWinners were announced in three categories--Impact on CX in an Organization, Impact on the CX Profession, and Impact on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Outcomes related to CX. Leandro Coelho, Director, Customer Satisfaction at Telefonica Brasil is the winner of the award in the category of "Impact on CX in an Organization."

You can read Leandro's thoughts on his work below--and watch his reaction to the winner announcement.

Congratulations, Leandro!

Our CX program, DNA Vivo, has reached its fourth year being considered as one of the most structured CX programs worldwide with concrete results in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Vivo is one of the largest companies in Brazil, having more than 33 thousand employees. With a presence all over Brazil, we provide mobile services for 4,500 cities and have more than 17,3 million connected houses through fiber. That means over 97 million accesses to all our products, resulting in absolute market leadership on the mobile segment, as well as in the ultra-speed fiber internet.  

But is not just about Telecommunications, it is a whole digital transformation. Our customers do not want just to be connected. They want to take full advantage of what is on the other side of this connection: entertainment, services, medical care, shopping, and so on. That is why Vivo has reinvented itself and redefined its purpose: “digitalize to bring closer”, which means connecting everyone by offering solutions beyond telecommunications with a sustainable and diverse brand with excellence in CX. And here starts our journey.

Our CX program (Vivo DNA) has 4 pillars recognized by everyone in the organization: being reliable (meet what is promised), easy (having simple products and no fine print), delightful (making every interaction unique), and efficient (saving customers time). And it was essential to build our 6 main programs that create a customer-centric culture.  

The first step was to guarantee that all the customer contact points were being measured. This program is called DNA Thermometer, a system implemented in 100 days that collects and shares our customer satisfaction data to the whole company.

The second step was to respond to our unhappy customers, so we created our close-the-loop program, DNA Solves, where the accountable department gets in touch with detractors to reverse dissatisfaction. Around 70% of customers are contacted, with an 85% resolution rate.   

To accelerate this transformation, we created squads focused on customer satisfaction. The DNA Labs are multidisciplinary teams from all departments of the company that identifies complex problems and solve them using agile and design thinking methodologies. More than 18 million customers have already been benefited from this program. 

And believing that the engagement of each employee makes difference, we encourage them to be protagonists by living CX at all points of contact by DNA in action. Also, we currently share the VoC and CX best practices with more than 6 thousand employees through DNA Day and trained more than 4 thousand people in Lean 6 Sigma to solve any kind of customer problem.

This is all the result of having the whole company acting as customer-centered, and in transforming a plural company like Vivo into a company that provides the best service and an excellent experience resulting in a 20% increase in NPS over the last 3 years and our lowest churn levels. 

Here at Vivo, we challenge ourselves every day to listen, learn, innovate, and find ways to always deliver the best experience.