2019 CX Impact Award Winners Announced on CX Day

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 10-07-2019 10:16 AM



Achievement. Measurable impact. Distinction. The five winners of the 2019 CX Impact Awards—three CX practitioners and two CX providers—gained high marks in these areas, earning plaudits from the panel of global judges.

Gökhan Kara, CCXP, Customer Experience Manager at Enerjisa in Istanbul, Turkey, led continuous improvement projects that led to substantial gains in customer metrics as well as significant return on investment. In addition, he led a customer-centric transformation at Enerjisa that left judge Bob Roark, CCXP, Solutions Strategist at Cherwell Software, impressed. “His ability to connect with his employees and help create ambassadors really stood out for me,” said Roark.

Kathy McGettrick, VP, Market Development & Insights and IBM Client Advocacy Officer also impressed judges by her role in building out a robust measurement program at IBM that has delivered impressive return on investment for her U.S.-based company. Impact Award judge and CX Consultant Shelly Chandler, CCXP, noted the difficulty in McGettrick’s accomplishment. "She covered all of the CX competencies. Her program is only 3 years old, but working to turn a big ship like IBM, with 400 products and 14 business units is no small feat."

Ian Stokol, CCXP, Sr. Digital Producer at Monash University and Design Agility Pty Ltd, wowed judges with the quantity and quality of his measurement data, which he compiled while leading a three year project at Officeworks in Australia. Michelle Morris, CCXP, and Design Consultant at Verizon, raved “"His use of measurement throughout his application was exemplary. He monitored and determined progress throughout a three-year journey and used it as a guide to what to do next."

The winners in the provider category were no less impressive.

Borge Hald, Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder, and Former CEO, Medallia was a pioneer in CX Management, founding Medallia in 2001 at a time when few were focusing on comprehensive customer data and insights collection. “Borge was a visionary in the CX industry and changed the way we research customer experience," Morris said.

Rob Lamoureux, Senior Director, Global Customer Advocacy at Verint, helped nearly double his B2B customer advocates over a 12-month period, through production of case studies, customer videos, and other assets. “His work stood out so dramatically,” said Roark. “He’s an advocate not only within his own organization, but outside his organization.”

To download CXPA’s press release on the 2019 winners, click the link below:
2019 CXPA Impact Award Winners Press Release