2015 European Insight Exchange Presentations

By Mr. Drew Hall, CCXP posted 02-18-2015 10:34 AM


CXPA Members, 

Please find the great presentations shared by our members at the European Insight Exchange on 10 Feb 2015. 

There are important key takeaways below - from leveraging the power of customer communities as a support organization (Spotify), to building cross-functional teams as a means to drive process improvement (Dublin Airport), and even using VOC Insights as the basis for strategic business transformations (Northgate).   

And that's just the beginning!  

Read on for more fantastic examples of CX leadership among CXPA members.


CX Strategy

Getting From Strategy to Road Map – a CX Framework

Martin Dowson, Director CX Strategy, Comotion

The framework is a simple strategic linkage model chaining Strategy, Principles, Propositions and Capabilities that allows you to anchor a series of workshops together to take executives and champions through designing out a CX improvement programme clearly linked to customer needs.

Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Networks as a Support Eco-system

Rorey Jones, Global Community Manager, Spotify

 The Spotify social media customer support team uses a peer-to-peer community to crowd source much of their customer support. With the help of their super users, the music streaming company encourages users to help other users solve many of their day-to-day support issues. By engaging these users in social channels, they are able to save on support, collect feedback and improve their product.  

The tech company’s global community manager will take us through how the company built community into an integral part of their support experience. We’ll hear war stories and receive practical advice on how to build a thriving community. Further, he speaks about a few communities that inspire him and his team.

Metrics, Measurements, and ROI

Using Customer Insight as the basis for Strategy Development

Nora Curry, Head of Customer Experience, Northgate Vehicle Hire Ltd

Discover new returns from your VOC programme and measurement set.  Hear how Northgate is using VOC measurements to redefine their reason for existing now and in the future.


VoC, Customer Insights and Understanding     


Measuring and Using Customer Perceptions: Avoid survey fatigue, strengthen customer relationships, inform strategic decisions, and engage employees.

Dr. Liz Mallen, Customer Experience Specialist, Dow Corning

Learn how Dow Corning has developed an annual customer survey which not just measures customer perceptions for the things that matter most along the entire customer journey but also provides the account teams with a new way of engaging customers in discussion to strengthen customer intimacy.

Organizational Adoption & Accountability


Linking Insights with Operations – How the Dublin Airport is changing the way they work

Jan Richards, Head of Insights and Planning, Dublin Airport

Listen to this story of transformation at Dubin airport.  Learn how eliminating silos and forming “One Winning Team” is creating buy-in across the organization. 


Blending the Employee and Customer Experience: Lessons and Learnings from McDonalds

Jack Upton, UK Director for Training, Education & Customer Services, McDonalds UK

 In the presentation, Jack will discuss how customer and employee expectations are evolving, the challenge of blending those expectations into one coherent approach, what our insights and experience have shown us, and some early thoughts about what we may consider going forward.

Customer Centric Culture   


"Customer Obsession” as the enabler of a Customer Centric Culture: How challenging conventional wisdom leads to customer success.

Helen Putland, Director of Customer Experience, Microsoft UK

Learn how Microsoft is changing the way they think about customers, what it means to be “obsessed,”  and how new metrics and new attitude are driving a culture of customer-centricity.


CX Experience Design, Innovation and Improvement


Driving Proactive Customer Engagement through Insight and Relevance

Garry Clamp, Director Customer Experience EMEA, Cienna Corporation

To drive quicker action, enable more timely and granular snapshots of the customer experience that enable front-line teams to engage the customer


The Future of CX

Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Transformist and Managing Partner, Temkin Group

Bruce Temkin provides update on the CXPA and leads interactive discussion about the future of CX.