CXPA Announces Keynote Speaker for 2024 CX Leaders Advance Conference

By CXPA Admin posted 11-30-2023 03:28 PM


As the winner of this year’s MyCustomer CX Leader of the Year Award, Roxie Strohmenger, CCXP, is bringing her insights and experiences to the stage, as she’ll be a keynote speaker at CXPA’s CX Leaders Advance

Conference, taking place April 30th to May 2nd in Denver, Colorado.

During Roxie’s keynote address, titled “What it Takes to Lead a World-Class CX Program to Deliver World-Class Results,” she’ll share strategies behind her success in redefining CX at UKG, anchored in a compelling North Star aligned with the brand’s commitment: “Our Purpose is People.”

Drawing on her background in psychology and business, Roxie will share how she:

--Identifies the CX opportunity and secures C-Suite buy-in

--Unites and aligns the organization

--Combines insights and empathy for data-driven decision-making that are linked to financials

When you attend, you'll gain a deep understanding of how Roxie secured buy-in for a meaningful emotional North Star, harmonized VoC programs, expanded the CX team's impact, and optimized the customer journey that led to better customer and business outcomes.

Roxie isn't just a CX leader; she's also a mentor and ambassador for the broader CX community. Join us in Denver to discover the passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence that has earned her awards and the acclaim of her peers, and uncover the insights that can enhance your own CX strategies and results.

To learn more about CX Leaders Advance and to register, click here.