CX Day 2023: This Year's Theme, and How You Can Get Involved

By CXPA Admin posted 06-29-2023 03:56 PM


CX Day is celebrated each year around the world on the first Tuesday in October.  From its humble beginning ten years ago in the United States, it has evolved into a truly global celebration that shines a spotlight on customer experience and the professionals who help to create positive relationships between organizations and their customers. Leading for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations participate in CX Day to demonstrate their commitment to business strategies that are good for everyone, delivering sustainable positive perceptions and results.     

CX Day 2023 will be celebrated on Tuesday, October 3, 2023.  This year’s celebration will focus on the imperative for CX to contribute to a better world by making a positive, sustainable difference not only for an organization’s bottom line, but also for the customer and the employees who serve them. 

The 2023 CX Day theme is: “Good CX delivers better outcomes for customers, employees, and organizations.”

Good CX doesn’t just happen. It requires consistent leadership support for intentional work led by dedicated, skilled CX professionals. These professionals work as catalysts to foster a positive,   holistic customer focus across the entire organization, one that is informed by data and designed with empathy in order to deliver win-win outcomes that help everyone achieve success.  Done right, this approach can lead to increased customer and workforce satisfaction, increased innovation and employee loyalty, and sustainable financial returns.       

You can help us prepare for the best CX Day yet.  Here’s how:

·       Visit and sign up for regular updates on celebration plans, including graphic designs you can use in your organization, social media or CX day event.

·       Share your thoughts on how Good CX delivers better outcomes for customers, employees, and organizations.  We are particularly interested in hearing facts, figures, and case studies that help demonstrate the value of CX as a preferred business approach.

·       Mark your calendar to participate in CX Day on Tuesday, October 3.  We’ll offer special content-rich webinars delivered by CXPA sponsors, celebrate the official release of three new CXPA publications, announce the winners of this year’s Impact, Emerging Leader, and Collaboration Awards, and more. 

While the CXPA community celebrates the value of customers and CX every day, CX Day is a special opportunity to help bring that message to a much wider audience.  We look forward to celebrating and advancing CX with you!