CXPA's Strategy--A Message from the Board Leadership

By CXPA Admin posted 01-19-2023 09:02 PM

As we welcome 2023, we wanted to share some more information about CXPA's strategic direction, and help you understand the ways in which we are working to deliver more value to CXPA members from around the world. The two most important words on CXPA's strategic framework represent an organizing principle: CX Professionalism. The Board is energized about this commitment and our key strategies supporting it, which we see as pivotal in advancing the CX profession to the next level. Here are some things that we want you to know:

  • With the help of our sponsors, we will continue our Emergency Fund program to cover the costs of membership and CCXP renewal for members that experience unemployment or other financial hardship. We will also be exploring ways to provide more equitable membership pricing for individuals from emerging markets.


  • We will increase our emphasis on the CXPA CX Framework as our guiding content concept and will encourage all CXPA members to work towards earning and maintaining the CCXP credential. You will notice this emphasis in the resources we produce, our communications, and our member journey.

  • We will publish three new books in our "Effective Collaboration" book series, focused on how CX can strengthen collaboration with Product Design and Development, Data Owners, and Business Process Improvement teams.


  • We will work with CXPA Regional and Network leadership to deliver programs that help CXPA members understand and apply the CXPA CX Framework. This will include programming based on CXPA publications and earning the CCXP, as well as peer-to-peer conversations and presentations to support CXPA members in the day-to-day challenges of leading CX.  


  • We will develop a marketplace of education courses rooted in the CX Framework. This will begin through increased collaboration with CXPA Recognized Training Providers and will be expanded throughout the year.

Finally, we want you to know that we intend to host a reimagined in-person event in the U.S. for CX leaders in May.  Our hope is that this can serve as a pilot for future programs in other regions.  We look forward to sharing more information about the program soon.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us. We want to hear from you--what courses and topics you'd like to see developed for the new, ways that you'd like to be involved, and your hopes and aspirations for the CX profession. Wishing you a prosperous 2023.