CXPA Reveals 2022 Innovation Award Winners

By CXPA Admin posted 07-15-2022 09:50 AM


CXPA's 2022 Innovation Awards have come to a close, and a panel of global judges has chosen one global winner:

Congratulations to CRC Companies!

During the course of the pandemic, CRC, a real estate company, was faced with the challenge that the vast majority of its maintenance and leasing services were handled by a third-party property manager, meaning that the company had no direct relationship with most of its customers.

They embarked on an ambitious, multi-year transformation project--called CRCX--to measure their current experience, engage their own and third-party staff in becoming a customer-centric culture, and create new and better experiences for residents.

CXPA's Associate Director, Gabe Smith, CCXP, had the chance to surprise CRC's Marketing Director, Erin Martin, with the good news.

In addition to the global winner, CXPA is proud to announce several regional winners from around the globe. Because customer-focused innovation can take different forms globally, CXPA's regional council leaders identified these organizations as the winners of its first-ever "Council's Choice" award:

  • Asia--Dialog
  • Brazil--Bradesco and Vivo
  • Canada--Silverwax and Vosker
  • Europe--OTP Bank
  • United States--CRC and Reliant
And CXPA's Innovation Awards would not be possible without the efforts of these wonderful judges--CX professionals from around the world:

Thank you to our judges and congratulations to all of these organizations. Look for more stories about these innovation efforts in the coming weeks.