Pause for a cause

By Camille Trim-Dingwell CCXP posted 04-19-2022 04:16 PM

As a CX professional, whilst driving the efforts, aligning the silos, and creating partnerships, engaging our employees through recognition is pivotal for the employee, brand, and customer experience.  A simple "Thank you" goes a long way in recognizing our teams who work diligently to delight our customers.  The current pandemic environment is challenging for both our employees and customers and bringing that empathy and care through recognition and celebration can do wonders in lifting spirits and inspiring hope.

It comes from a place of gratitude, towards the team and customers.  A best practice is to make it personalized in some way-each team member's love language may be different, nevertheless finding creative ways to show that we value of team by  affirming our commitment to delivering a great employee and customer experience.

Let us pause and say  "Thank you"  and recognize our hardworking team members, and also extend that same graciousness and kindness to ourselves.