Enroll as a Mentor

Instructions for Mentor Enrollment

Thanks for serving your fellow members by enrolling as a mentor!

Step 1: Fill out or edit the following sections. Please note that these fields are required for enrollment. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for mentees to find their best match.

Step 2: Under Your Mentor Status, ensure your "Start Date" is today's date or another date in the past for previous mentors.

Step 3: Ensure "End Date" is set to a final date you would no longer like to accept new mentee relationships. Leave blank if the dates of new relationships is of no issue to you.

Step 4: For "Maximum Mentees," click the plus sign once for each mentee you are willing to help. You will see the number you entered on the page after you submit the form and can come back and edit it if needed. Our recommended best practice is no more than three mentees per cycle.

Step 5: Click the Save button.

Step 6: If you have participated in Mentor Match before, visit your mentor profile and scroll to the bottom of the page; click the Finish Relationship button for any mentoring relationships that are no longer active (you are no longer actively mentoring that person). It is a best practice to finish relationships that are longer than a year old.

In addition, please complete your member profile (which is populated with some of your membership information) so that potential mentees can learn more about you. Be sure to add a photo, and include information in your bio about your specialties and details of your job history.

What Happens After Enrollment?

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