2020 CXPA Member Awards

The CXPA loves to recognize members who are going the extra mile or who are volunteering passionately.

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This 2020 Extra Mile Award recognition goes to the organizers and panelists of the “Inspiring Racial Equity: How CX Professionals Can Guide Their Organizations to Tackle This Urgent Issue” webinar that was held this summer.  The CXPA Board felt that this recognition was deserved because of the collaboration that it shows between CXPA Networks and Higher Academics; its demonstration of the ability for groups to pivot quickly to respond to current events; and its demonstration of CXPA’s core value, Connected: Strength in Diversity.  

2020 Extra Mile Award Winners

We thank and recognize:

Alyson Bloch Elizabeth Curtin Gary David, PhD, CCS Richard Dorfman Sandra Mathis, CCXP

Tim Ozirsky Charlotte Reel Jerry Seufert Karl Sharicz, CCXP Brett Sharp

Thank you to these CXPA members who went “above and beyond” to make us all better. 

Watch a recording of the webinar on CXPA’s YouTube channel in the 2020 CXPA Virtual Events playlist.

Note: there were three others involved in planning or as panelists, but they are not members and therefore not eligible for the Extra Mile award:

  • Jeff Tumpowski
  • Stephanie Harris
  • Thomas Houston
Member Award Winners