CXPA Member Awards

The CXPA loves to recognize members who are going the extra mile or who are volunteering passionately.

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2019 Extra Mile Award Winners

Jason Anderson – Jason is a shining example that driven individuals in their first year of membership can make a big difference for the CXPA. After joining in June of 2018, he immediately raised his hand to volunteer on the national level and followed-through on spectacular work for a 2018 CX Day planning committee. He is also instrumental in his event planning efforts for the Columbus Network.

Erin Hansman, PhD, CCXP – Erin has poured an incredible amount of energy into the CX Day Company Celebrations committee for many years. Her infectious energy makes her a pleasure to work with year-round and her passion for CX is evident in her dedication to the CXPA.

Jan Richards – Our 2019 European Insight Exchange could not have been nearly as successful without Jan's guidance as the conference's chair. Anytime she is involved, CXPA staff and leadership know we are in good hands. She also helps support planning networking events for the Dublin Network.

Jerry Seufert – Jerry brings such an incredible amount of energy, playfulness, insights, and humor to our online community's discussion forum. An expert at engaging fellow members in thoughtful discussion, our forum would not be the same without his presence. As involved as he is through CXPA's virtual channel, Jerry also volunteers with the Atlanta Network.

Michelle Yaiser, CCXP – A longtime member of the CCXP Advisory Committee, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge, great ideas, and hard work. As the CCXP program and exam has gone through changes over the years, she has always been the rock we can count on. Her thought leadership has brought the CCXP certification to where it is today.

Member Award Winners