CXPA Collaboration Awards

CXPA's Collaboration Award

Collaboration is a cornerstone of customer experience success. This award, which will be first granted in 2023, will honor outstanding collaboration led by CX professionals to deliver better results for their organization's customers, colleagues, and sustainable business results.

Nominations for this award must be based on a specific collaboration between 1) a CX professional; and 2) an internal or external partner which may be another part of their own organization; a customer; a business partner; or CX consultant or partner.  The CX professional will be the named recipient of the award, with additional recognition to the listed collaboration partner.   

Successful nominations will highlight:

  • Positive collaboration
  • Activities in line with the CXPA CX Framework
  • Notable impact on customer experience, preferably reflected in measurable results
  • Potential for lasting impact through continued collaboration
  • Innovation and creativity reflected in the collaboration

The 2023 Collaboration Award Winner