Wednesday 10:30-11am Breakout Presentations

Practitioner Breakout

B2B Practitioner Breakout: Carlson Wagonlit, Bob Azman, CCXP “Creating and Executing Effective Service Strategies for Any Business”
(TRAVEL INDUSTRY, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience)

Objective: What’s your next move? Building the case for an effective CX Strategy across the enterprise Being a customer-centric company isn’t just about having the best customer service people….it’s also about ensuring that every function in the organization is aligned to this goal. And in our fast-paced world of tweets and texts, keeping all functions aligned to that goal is necessary and challenging at the same time. And engaging our business partners, be they HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Technology or Customer Service is the first step.

In this highly interactive session, we’ll talk about:

  • Customer Experience strategies – what they are and why they matter
  • Keeping customers who are satisfied AND loyal Attendees will discuss real companies and real stories about customer experience journeys and challenges with a light mix of academic learning so we can apply the principles to our companies.
  • Service Strategies: what they are and why they matter
  • Example of service strategies • Case Study: The Home Depot
  • Creating a service strategy
  • Determining how to engage stakeholders and align the organization to the strategy
  • Developing an implementation timeline
  • The Importance of Voice of the Customer
  • Lessons Learned
  • Call to Action
  • Q&A Outcomes/Takeaways
Participation will prepare the attendee to:
  • Develop and execute a service strategy
  • Create a plan to execute the strategy and ensure an effective implementation
  • Identify the internal and external factors that drive customer loyalty
  • Derive actionable initiatives that can align the service strategy across all channels and business units within your organization.

Humana, Geeta Wilson, CCXP “Power to the people: How to reinvent your CX culture and make it stick”
(HEALTHCARE INSURANCE, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience) **2016 CX Innovation Award Winner**

Identifying customer pain points is often the easiest part of developing your new CX program. But what happens when you realize that improving the customer experience demands culture change? Humana set out to empower its call center associates, and the CX team quickly realized that delighting customers would require more than rote training, streamlined processes, or new technology. In this session, members of the FastStart Lab – Humana’s CX innovation incubator – help you identify common obstacles to customer-centric culture change.

Against the backdrop of their recent Empowerment program rollout, the Humana FastStart team shares their findings to help you:
  • Launch a CX-focused culture change program
  • Internalize a customer mindset in your organization
  • Empower associates to own customer interactions and issues
  • Harness metrics to drive your target outcomes

The FastStart team gives you proven approaches to introduce and grow sustainable culture change in your organization. Learn how to create culture change that sticks, is eye-opening and entertaining, and measurably improves the customer experience. Get started today on reinventing your CX culture!

CCXP Thought Leader Breakout

CCXP Thought Leader Breakout: Sarah Simon, CCXP “Behind the Handlebars of Customer Experience”
(TECHNOLOGY, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience)

After many years as a motorcycle passenger, Sarah Simon finally decided to get her own bike. She soon discovered the lessons she was learning as a new rider closely mirror the challenges her clients face in managing their customer experience initiatives. Getting behind the handlebars has pushed Sarah to learn a new skill, face quite a bit of fear, and buck up her confidence. It has also been a lot of fun, full of moments of elation and pure joy plus pride toward mastering a skill through experience. In this presentation, Sarah will inspire customer experience practitioners to get behind the handlebars of their CX program with confidence, skill and finesse.

The presentation will focus on four key elements of CX strategy.

  1. Get Fully Engaged in Customer Experience Strategy The strongest customer strategy efforts are programs with solid momentum steering behavioral and cultural change within their organizations and have a fully-engaged team dedicated to Customer Experience Management (CEM). Someone is manipulating all of controls: evangelist, communications experts, methodologist, data insights story teller, change agent and program manager. We’ll talk about how to get solidly behind the handlebars of customer strategy, fully engaged and all-in.
  2. Avoid Obstacle Fixation As members of a relatively new discipline, CX practitioners are no strangers to hazards on the roadway to customer experience bliss. Often, VoC and CX initiatives squeeze the brakes, grind to a stop and crash by obsessing over the obstacles in their way instead of focusing on the path to their goals. Sarah will discuss ways to avoid focusing solely on the latest hazard, derailing resources and energy to obsess over the problem, and remaining dedicated to reaching the final destination.
  3. Stay Safe in Intersections Functional intersections are dangerous places for CX professionals. This presentation will talk about slowing down to look around and getting to know your stakeholders; Knowing your colleagues’ destinations so you can answer “What’s in it for me?”; and knowing when it’s best to just avoid dangerous crossroads all together.
  4. Maintain Stability through Forward Motion Irregular VoC data flow and stop-and-go CX improvement activities can sap a customer experience initiative of momentum and cause instability. Colleagues and customers alike benefit from a structured, well-planned program cadence, and the stability of a program is improved when energy and effort are regularly injected into the initiative over time.
In this fun, fast-paced and inspirational session, Sarah will give CX a bike-themed boost while delivering actionable insights for the audience to take back to their teams.

Sponsor Breakout

“Creating Moments That Matter: Using the Power of Emotion in Customer Experience" --- KCP&L and Hallmark Business Connections
Hallmark Business Connections
Presented by: Diane Magers, CCXP, CEO, CXPA
Erica Penner Manager of Performance Management, KCP&L
Rhonda Basler, Director, Customer Engagement, Hallmark Business Connections

Many studies show that people are more emotional—and less rational—than we like to think. A recent Forrester study revealed that emotion (defined as how people feel about a given experience) was the most influential factor affecting customer loyalty in 17 out of 18 industries. Our session will help you understand the basics of emotion and its impact on customer experience.

As an example, you’ll hear how KCP&L has gained a competitive advantage with a new, innovative customer care program that gives front-line employees access to an online portal where they can quickly and easily send personalized greeting cards to customers. These simple, empathetic, caring gestures are having a profound effect not only on customer satisfaction scores but employee engagement as well.

Find out how to strategically…

  • Use emotion as a building block for your brand
  • Empower front-line employees to connect with customers
  • Align programs to increase shareholder value