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What is a Buzz Kit?

We invite you to share any of the information on this page on your own social media profiles.

We’ve compiled all your Insight Exchange-related social media needs in one place! Be sure to connect with us on our social media accounts and take a look at the hashtags, posts and images you can use to create a “buzz” around the Insight Exchange. Feel free to customize your posts so your networks can learn about your thoughts and messages about the Insight Exchange.

Insight Exchange Background

The CXPA Insight Exchange is the only CX event by members for members, it is unlike any other you’ve attended. Whether or not you’re a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, the 2017 Insight Exchange is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and your network with more than 300 Customer Experience professionals in attendance. This May 16-17 in Phoenix, AZ will be exposed to world-class learning and networking with a unique approach to exchange and a focus on innovation.


Official CXPA hashtag: #CX17 Other hashtag suggestions for possible inclusion to increase visibility of your posts to your CX peers:

 #cx  #cxm #cxp     
 #crm #cxm
 #cem  #ux





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Images - Part One

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Images to Use - Part Two

Attach an image to some of your social media posts for a snazzier look. Posts with images tend to yield higher engagement than text-only posts since they are generally more eye-catching. Pick your favorites from the images below to post or to jazz up your social media profiles.