Wednesday 11-11:30am Breakout Presentations

Practioner Breakouts

B2B Practitioner Breakout: Citi, Judy Bloch & Michelle Brigman “Power of Listening”
(FINANCIAL SERVICES, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience) **Innovation Award Finalist**

We have all heard about the power of listening, but whether talking about people or Brands, the reality is that few of us do this well. Companies often listen to their customers only to gather information that will allow us to give them our sales pitch. Brands do a lot of talking. At Citi, we believe that in order to inspire customer loyalty, we must start listening. Really listening. At Citi, we deliver on the Power of Listening in our Omni Command Center.

Launched in April 2016, the Omni Command Center hosts our real-time omni listening programs, enabling us to monitor user behavior across multiple channels of the customer journey. This means we have immediate access to the entire user experience through the lens of our customer. The unique perspective provides invaluable insights to quickly detect and resolve issues that may have gone undetected otherwise, supporting our mission of keeping customers digital.

Citi’s real-time listening ecosystem encompasses feeds from Mobile, Account Online, Social, Phones, Chat and VRU. Rather than simply ensuring our servicing channels are up and running, we evaluate the user experience from every angle. We do this by monitoring:

  • System operability - is it working?
  • Channel functionality – are the channels operating efficiently?
  • Digital journey effectiveness – are customers able to execute their desired task?

This session will provide a listening “recipe” to get to know your customer’s digital behavior. Attendees will learn to deepen their listening ability – how to complement VOC results & words being said by your customers, but also listening to the meaning & behaviors behind these statements. The result is a foundation that enables greater Brand success & increased customer loyalty.


B2C Practitioner Breakout: Sandy Spring Bank, Mark Slatin, CCXP “The Year of Empathy”
(FINANCIAL SERVICES, Experienced – 5 to 10 years of CX Experience) **Innovation Award Finalist**

Silos form naturally, come down slowly, and disrupt consistently remarkable customer experiences. A simple but effective way to break down silos between departments is to get to know each other as humans first. We dedicated a year to initiatives that focused on making empathy an ongoing staple of our culture at Sandy Spring Bank.

In this session, we’ll share how we developed an organization-wide, low cost strategy concentrated on breaking down silos. We engaged our employees not by teaching them a new skill, system, or technique but instead, they took part in activities intended to embed empathy in our day-to-day culture.

After all, despite our different divisions and departments, our clients view us as one Sandy Spring Bank.

CCXP Thought Leader Breakout

CCXP Thought Leader Breakout: Raj Sivasubramanian, CCXP “Is your omnichannel strategy customer-centric or self-centric?”
(CX CONSULTANCY, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience)

Omnichannel has been a buzzword for a few years now and is an area where many organizations have been investing significant time and money. By enabling seamless communication across online and offline channels, omnichannel strategies should equally benefit both companies and their customers. However, a common mistake many organizations make is taking a “self-centric” approach to the omnichannel versus a “customer-centric” one. They build their strategy around internal interests like targeted marketing or reducing contact center costs, and fail to consider the customer perspective. This often results in poor customer experiences that have long-term consequences. But it doesn’t have to be a zero sum game between a company’s internal interests and the customer experience. The most customer-centric organizations are able to use omnichannel to drive revenue, lower costs, AND deliver a better customer experience. How do they do it? This session will cover the common “self-centric” mistakes companies make when investing in omnichannel and then review some omnichannel strategies “customer-centric” organizations employ that successfully balance their own benefits with their customers’ benefits.

Sponsor Breakout

Walker, Chris Woolard, CCXP “Deliver Dynamic Workshops to Engage Employees”
(CX CONSULTANCY, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience)

No more boring training sessions! Employee workshops must be interesting, educational, and fun. This session will feature Face Value, a popular fast-paced card game to demonstrate the kind of impact a high-energy workshop can have on your employees. Face Value is an exercise that explores how we use (or don’t use) the right customer information to make important decisions.

The exercise helps us discover more about collecting the right customer intelligence to better serve our customers and address questions such as:
  • Do we have the right customer information?
  • Do we guess at the information we do not have?
  • Does more information mean better decisions?
  • What are the right measurements to track?
  • How can we deliver the right information to the right people?

Entertaining and informative, this session will prompt new ideas on how best to communicate with your employees and challenge the way we conduct workshops with our internal stakeholders.