Tuesday 2:50pm Breakout Presentations

Practitioner Breakout

B2B Practitioner Breakout: Verizon, Cary Cusumano and Erin Van Remortal “Get Real! Escape the Abstract and Make It Real with Journey Reconstruction”
(TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience)

Get Real! Escape the Abstract and Make It Real with Journey Reconstruction Building genuine customer empathy is a challenge in any service environment, a challenge that is compounded when even tried-and-true CX methods present customers as theoretical entities. In this session, Verizon Customer Experience Leads and CCXPs, Erin Van Remortel and Cary Cusumano, share how they created a Customer Journey reconstruction practice that takes journey mapping beyond identification of touchpoints to real customer names, real dates and times, and real customer voices. When that customer has a name, when you frame the actual event, and when you hear the raw emotion in the customer’s own words, empathy is inescapable and becomes a powerful motivator for action.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  1. You likely already have the data you need to reconstruct journeys and bring your customers to life
  2. Reconstructing actual customer journeys can expose root causes of customer pain in unexpected places
  3. Emotion and empathy now have a seat alongside hard data in C- level meetings


B2B Practitioner Breakout: Jackie McAtee, Mayfair Diagnostics ** Innovation Award Finalist ** Medical Imaging Reimagined

More than a tag line, Mayfair has redefined the patient experience with the concept, design and execution of its newest community radiology clinic in Calgary, Canada. To improve the quality of its service and maintain industry leadership, Mayfair embarked on a bold mission to re-imagine the medical imaging clinic of the future.

CCXP Thought Leader Breakout

CCXP Thought Leader Breakout: Noah Grayson, CCXP “The CEO View of CX”
(CX CONSULTANCY, Experienced - 5 to 10 years of CX Experience)

CEO’s see customer experience as a BIG competitive advantage. That’s one of the findings in a recent study on what CEOs think of CX, what CX professionals think of their CEOs and how both groups can work together to generate results for their company.

This session will feature the perspectives of more than 400 CEOs and 300 CX professionals as they weigh in on the impact of customer experience initiatives in today’s customer-centric business environment.

Topics will include:
  1. Why CX matters to CEOs
  2. Top traits of today’s customer-focused CEOs
  3. How to garner support and resources from your CEO
  4. Strategies to engage your workforce and drive CX innovation The CEO perspective on CX has the potential to challenge and change how we think about customer experience
  5. Revolutionizing our methods and focusing our work to generate the competitive advantage that is so critical in business today

BONUS – Complementary copies of the report will be available

Sponsor Breakout

Sponsor Breakout: “How Nike Nailed Customer Engagement and You Can Too”
Lenati, LLC
Presented by: Martin Mehalchin and Marisol Trowbridge
(CX CONSULTANCY, Advanced - 11+ years of CX Experience)

Drawing on Lenati’s eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Customer Engagement” and sharing lessons from our client work with Nike, this session will explain what customer engagement really means - and how to design, deliver, optimize, and manage a successful multi-channel engagement strategy.