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Where Do We Go From Here? Taking Your CX Program Forward (Sponsored Webinar by Confirmit) 

06-29-2018 10:33 AM

Where Do We Go From Here? Taking Your CX Program Forward

Building a Customer Experience (CX) program is a huge challenge but the rewards can be high, particularly for the persistent CX practitioner who continuously evolves the program and finds ways to add value to the business. What happens if your program stops evolving and delivering ROI? Disappointment can lead to disillusionment among stakeholders, and a successful CX program needs support from across the business.

Assessing the state of your CX program is a critical step in understanding where you are now, where you need to get to, and the best next steps to take your program forward. A structured approach, based on experience and industry-validated best practices, can show you the path to long-term CX results.

In this webinar, Sarah Simon, Senior Director, CX Consulting at Confirmit will look at the three key themes uncovered throughout field work with a variety of CX practitioners and will show how to use maturity modeling to understand where to focus in order take your program to the next level. Join Sarah to learn about:

  • The five critical CX competency areas you need to review to understand where you go from here
  • The importance of aligning CX goals with business goals and integrating business data with VoC to deliver ROI to your business
  • Short-term workarounds to deal with CX roadblocks, as well as lasting solutions to support your CX evolution

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