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The Survey Is Dead… A Survival Guide for CX (Sponsored Webinar by Confirmit) 

10-10-2019 12:31 PM

Everyone is sick of surveys – and for good reason. It’s hard to buy so much as a cup of coffee without receiving a survey about it, and customers just don’t believe you’re really listening. Honestly, are your surveys really driving change in your organization? Exactly. CX teams need to look at the implications of this situation for their programs.

In this webinar, Claire Sporton, SVP CX Innovations at Confirmit will tackle this problem head on. She’ll cover ways to identify sources of insight that don’t involve sending yet more surveys to customers, helping to overcome dwindling response rates. She will also look at the importance of text analytics category models that will help you make sense of unstructured feedback, whatever the source.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to ensure that your CX program does not “die” along with the traditional survey.
  • Clear steps to ensure that your program becomes a lean, mean change machine that triggers real business benefits.
  • Ways to kick-start your thinking on feedback capture options which are more palatable for your customers but deliver the insight that you need.

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