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Key Findings of the Motivator Insights Assessment Correlated to Critical Organizational Performance Metrics 

22 days ago

Companies outperform the competition when their employees believe in the organization’s mission and
can see that their own work contributes to the organization’s success. Building – and maintaining – an
environment in which employees feel inspired to work hard and make a long-term commitment to their
company is a challenge, though studies of employee satisfaction and engagement have been conducted
since the 1950s. Despite being armed with decades of research, most organizations still struggle with how
to create motivating and enriching work environments for their employees.

Organizations know when their employees are unhappy and disengaged, but they don’t know why; nor
are they sure what they can do about it. The Motivator Insights Motivation Assessment offers insights into
how companies can tailor job assignments and build project teams to create work environments that are
intrinsically motivating for employees.

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