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CX Programs - Your Top 3 Questions (Sponsored Webinar by MaritzCX) 

11-28-2018 04:29 PM

CX Programs - Your Top 3 Questions
MaritzCX addresses CX/NPS and loyalty; setting program goals, and increasing survey response rates

Over the last 20 years, CX practitioners and program managers have consistently asked MaritzCX’s expert consultant, David Ensing, three questions about their programs.

  1. Why doesn’t customer experience/NPS relate to more loyalty?
  2. How do I set goals for my CX program?
  3. How do I increase survey response rates?
Ensing, a 20+ year market research industry veteran, has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 organizations – mostly within the auto industry -- develop effective and efficient CX initiatives; and in so doing, has generated an expansive knowledge base of CX questions, answers, and program best practices. 

Join Ensing on November 28 for this webinar where he answers the three questions he’s been asked the most during his career and offers up best practices on how CX leaders can enhance their programs. 

What you’ll learn from this webinar:
  • Answers to the three most asked questions about CX programs
  • Best practices on how to implement CX program enhancements
  • Strategies for overcoming obstacles 
“Most CX practitioners have these questions and it doesn’t really differ from industry to industry,” Ensing said. “Questions are great. The problem comes when these types of questions stop. That’s an indication that those in charge of an organization’s CX effort stop trying to make the program better. That’s an issue.”

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