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Are customers part of your plan? Then make them part of your planning.

Strategic planning is critical to every successful organization, on multiple levels. No matter if planning activity happens in an overarching, organizational sense, or in team- or client-specific scenarios, leaders have to make important decisions toward achieving a desired future business state...

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Conversation Starters: Promote Customer Thinking Without Preaching or Jargon

One of the things I really like about being a consultant now after having been in the trenches for four years as a federal agency customer experience leader is coaching people on how to socialize the concepts of customer experience as a management discipline within their respective agencies....

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3 Ultimate Factors of Business Performance

Is customer engagement, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, predictive analytics, big data, or some other “shiny object” the key to driving business performance? Certainly all of these endeavors can make a difference in revenue growth. Yet there is a bigger picture: none of these is...

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Unwound and Wound Up at the Customer Experience Professionals Association Insights Exchange

The US CXPA Insight Exchange in Phoenix proved to be a phenomenal place to relax and gain some awesome CX best-thinking in a beautiful setting! We were able to connect with our “tribe” and continue build our community of personal and professional cheerleaders and champions. The connections we...

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The Convergence of Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Bringing Your Customer Communications into the 21st Century and into Alignment with Customer ExpectationsWhen it comes to the customer experience (CX) strategy, customer communications are often one of the most overlooked – yet critical – components of the customer journey. In many cases, the...

Whitepaper - The Convergence of CCM and CXM.PDF

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Is CX Excellence Really About Centering Your Business on Customers?

What is your business centered on? Investors, competition, innovation, or customers? The rule of the game is to follow the money. Sure, it comes from all these motives, but it springs from customers buying your offerings. When customers quit buying, all the rest becomes irrelevant. Centering...

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Building Customer Empathy: An Interview with Natalie Schneider

Anthem, Inc. is in the middle of customer experience (CX) resurgence. I had the chance to catch up with Natalie Schneider, VP of Customer Experience, to learn more about their efforts to help build customer empathy in their employees. Tell us a little about what led you to start working on...

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2017 Customer Experience Resolutions

What’s new in 2017 customer experience management? Like most resolutions, what’s new is less about shiny objects and more about mastery of down-to-earth principles. It’s all about keeping your eye on the prize with a sensible plan. Tech gizmos may add excitement or ease, and...

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Doug Woodard talks about being a CX-focused Leader

Doug Woodard was new to his company when he had to terminate a long tenured employee. Doug faced a lot of fear in letting her go and facing the team. While wanting to take ownership of the decision Doug was not able to be transparent with the details. Listen to Doug’s story of how he was...