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10 Tips for Communicating with Customers Through Crisis

At the beginning of the pandemic, amongst the barrage of COVID-19-related emails I received from various companies (Hello, “unsubscribe”), one stuck out as noteworthy: an email from my mortgage company titled “ Important Coronavirus Information about Your Loan ”. Curious, I opened it, only to...

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Oops, we did it again! We’re solving the wrong problem with employee workplace experiences.

Oops, we did it again! We’re solving the wrong problem with employee workplace experiences. When the pandemic began, restaurants, to survive, had to convert overnight to take-out and drive-up options for their customers. Some restaurants simply took their in-person menus and put the food...

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Aligning Employee Recognition to Your CX Strategy

A fundamental truth that shapes how employees behave at work is People do what is measured, incented, and celebrated . So, if your organization is struggling to understand why it isn’t delivering a better customer experience, it might be time to review what metrics get the most attention and...

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Defining and Communicating Your Intended Customer Experience

Emotions play a huge role in the overall customer experience. Many would argue that emotions are really the foundation of the experience and drive advocacy and future purchase decisions. I’m fully on board with that. So the question then becomes, “What do you want customers to feel as they...

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Why is joy important at work?

You’ve probably heard this Richard Branson quote: “If you look after your employees, they will look after your business”. Here’s another of his that we also love: “If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong”. We believe these two quotes sum up why people need to experience joy at work. ...

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Engaging the hearts and minds of your employees

For C-suite leaders, a key challenge is how to translate strategy into practice to deliver business results. Because it doesn’t start with results, it starts with people, the true challenge is how to engage the hearts and minds of your employees to create an intrinsically motivated organization...

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Shouldn't we know better?

Let’s start today with a couple of anecdotal experiences: Anecdote 1: It seems every time I pay in cash (who does that?), this happens: The cashier, when returning my change lays the bills down in my palm, and then pours the coins over top of them. This means that, to put the change away,...

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What culture do you envision for your organisation? Agility and Collaborative Culture is not enough.

This post originally appeared on the CX Centric Training Blog . Speaking to many business leaders especially in my part of the world, I am always keen to find out the overall culture that they set out to create. There are two specific themes that seem to be re-occurring today: 1....

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Employees are NOT your Customers

Can I start a controversial article being completely un controversial? Thanks. Here goes: Good employee engagement is an absolute requirement in order to drive good CX. Okay... now, feel free to refer to that as you read on, because I’m not trying to say that engagement isn’t fundamental;...

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