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Customer advocate and amateur French fry connoisseur looking to join a remote customer experience team, ideally in the SaaS space.

Big ol’ nerd for customer experience management, collecting and analyzing voice of the customer data, and building customer-centric cultures.

At my happiest when I can work one-on-one with customers to help them succeed with your brand’s product (and increase revenue while doing it).

🧡 My professional obsessions: 

• Customer experience management and strategy 
• Customer success 
• SaaS
• Customer onboarding 
• Customer collaboration 
• Customer education 
• Customer advocacy  
• Customer delight
• Customer journey mapping
• Customer service  
• Content marketing and content creation 
• Email marketing
• Social media marketing
• Conversational marketing
• Digital transformation
• Employee experiences
• Voice of the customer data  
• Customers interviews
• Designing customer surveys
• Remote work and distributed teams 

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📧 Contact: Taylor at Taylor Barbieri dot com 

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