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I’m an architect of action-based customer intelligence solutions and data-driven customer experience strategy. An innovative solution architect, I focus on customer data capture and insights design methodology. I guide clients in understanding why, when and how to listen to the voice of the customer, blending behavioral CRM data with survey sentiment to tell a fuller story of the customer within the context of the customer’s journey. Optimizing the customer experience is the guiding light for all of my efforts, and inspiring people to leverage all this customer intelligence into becoming a better company is particularly fun. I help CX practitioners put their VoC to work!

Outside of work I love climbing mountains throughout Colorado and beyond, trail running, downhill and cross country skiing, traveling off the beaten path, caring for my dogs, cooking and reading obsessively. I hike a section of the Appalachian Trail northbound every year. I have a weakness for wine, music and muscle cars. I’m on fire when I’m engaged in calculated risk-taking, innovating and building things.