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I'm a 30 year digital innovation guy with a passion for digital marketing, customer experience (CX), marketing technology (martech), digital strategy, digital transformation, business development and sales. I like solving complex business, marketing, technology, and organizational challenges. "What's Next?" and "Oh Crap" are my two favorite challenges.

I work with kick-a## brands and agencies to define, design, develop, and activate immersive, highly personalized customer experiences for deeper, more profitable relationships.

- Developed and launched one of the first commercial social media platforms in the mid 1980's
- Helped develop and launch the first interactive, intelligent digital-out-of-home advertising displays in movie theaters in the late 90's
- Developed and launched an early SMS mobile marketing platform, a precursor to many of the mobile marketing platforms in use today
- Worked with Tony Robbins to develop an online portal for personal and professional development
- Developed and launched content marketing initiatives across multiple digital and technology disciplines
-More stuff, but there's not enough room in the summary section...

I'm also an Adjunct at New York University's School of Professional Studies, sharing my thinking (and opinions!) over the past 15 years or so in areas including digital strategies for marketing, content development strategies for digital marketing, emerging topics in marketing, digital media technologies, and narrowcasting. I'm also a proud recipient of the New York University School of Professional Studies "Excellence in Teaching" award.

My latest book is called "Strategic Networking: eBook Edition." It's perfect for a broad range of readers who want to become more aware of the omnipresent computer networking technology infrastructure that supports their individual, organizational, and social activities. (


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