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I'm the CEO and Founder of U*REALIZED LLC, a customer experience and marketing company that humanizes brand experiences. Also, I'm also developing a healthcare platform to streamline caregiver and patient experiences.
Technology and strategy have been at the core of my career. I honed my strategy, marketing, and customer experience chops across the B2B, B2C, and SaaS sectors. I've authored many analyst reports and served as an event speaker during my tenure as an Industry Analyst with Forrester. At American Express, I spearheaded the brand’s first customer service channel on Twitter back in 2009 before it became a best practice. Servicing paved the way for Amex to market itself on Twitter. As a consultant, I've increased executive knowledge about marketing and strategy at an international consulting firm. And, I weathered the 2001 internet storm known as the burst of the bubble at online community space pioneer, Cspace.


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