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Throughout my career, I’ve stayed on the cutting edge of innovation in the Customer Experience sector, working for companies with the bravest and boldest approaches to collecting and analysing feedback. These firms have all understood that uncovering meaningful insight involves more than sitting at a desk, looking at numbers on a page.

I have directly managed Customer Experience programmes for retail, bank, insurance, restaurant, pub, hotel, travel and technology companies. I worked with all of these clients to ensure that customers were put at the heart of their business strategies.

I have presented and debated customer feedback with employees of all levels up and down the country and overseas. I love to do this, and is what makes me get up bright and early every day.

I have sold Customer Experience software to organisations in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Asia. These solutions include EFM, Mobile and Post-Call IVR surveys; Mystery Shopping; Audits; Employee Sat; Panel; and Case Management. I speak the language of NPS, C-Sat, Effort, Advocacy and more.

I have recruited, coached and supported large teams of ambitious Customer Experience professionals who each owned their customer relationships and went on to achieve great personal success. I am immensely proud of them all.

I’ve done everything from working shifts in my client’s retail stores, through to presenting outstanding service awards at company events. I know what it takes to launch and implement great Customer Experience solutions, and I have the miles on the road to prove it.

I’d like to tell my story to innovative organisations who will be looking for a creative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Customer Experience professional to help drive their business forward.