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Zen Mavens


I'm a consulting professional with strong leadership skills and experience managing all aspects of product development, program management, business analysis, digital and s/w delivery. Additionally, I have a solid training and instructional development background.

I'm capable of coaching teams to deliver value on schedule, while keeping everyone informed about progress and building partnerships with customers.

I have experience working across industries, and I'm able to quickly identify organizational capabilities and support teams to remove roadblocks and work toward maturity, while delivering value.

I have a broad range of personal experiences living and traveling around the world. I've supervised a steam power-plant on a 40,000-ton US warship; surfed 25-foot waves; scuba-dived The Maldives; acted in live theater; sailed the Kaiwi channel; written award-winning copy for marketing programs; managed operations on a 3000-acre cattle ranch; trained with an Olympic decathlete; and much more.

Experience includes:

Marketing and Communications
-Leading digital marketing teams to design and deliver award-winning programs
-Using data and market research to understand customers and target prime segments.

IT Architecture and Infrastructure – Design, implementation, and ongoing management (upgrades, migration, etc.) of core IT components, with an understanding of Service Oriented Architecture

IT Applications and Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
-Common Methodologies, including Scrum, Agile, XP, and Kanban
-Business Systems Analysis
-Quality Assurance--Systems Testing
-Software Development Standards (version control, config. mgmt)

IT Governance & Strategy – experience with the key interrelationships between IT, the business, and overall performance, including the following core areas:
-Aligning with Business Strategy
-Decision Making
-Risk Management
-Identifying Value
-Managing Resources