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Juliette Krovi~

As business disruption and innovations are becoming more agile in a world of a Digital Economy, this can only put a broad construct of “value” into overdrive-bringing to the center; The Customer. As an impactful Business Leader, I build relationships, create value-added solutions, and develop powerful business connections that ensures an Optimal Customer Experience for organizations.

At the end of the day, while the landscape will continue to shift, data-driven, authentic engagement and solutions will always bring value—value that brings trust and massive benefits, both to brands' bottom lines and to peoples’ health.

I am an international innovative business leader, where I bring an extensive success track record delivering immediate results within multi-cultural environments; from Boston to Asia. As a visionary business leader, I have been fortunate to have built and maintain strong long-term relationships within various verticals; healthcare and digital technology (customer experience).

As a trusted partner with 10 years as a Senior Sales and Business Development Executive, I have collaborated with multi-culture industry leaders that resulted in an increase in revenues while reducing costs to an organization. I have driven contributions to bottom line results through strategic planning and designing services to deliver consistent brand and value messaging.

✔ Strategy, Vision, and Leadership
✔ Sales and New Business Development
✔ Critical Thinker and Cultural Competence
✔ Customer Experience
✔ Customer Satisfaction
✔ Channel Developer

Love to collaborate with you on optimizing the Customer Experience, Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders, and hear your success stories.

I am open to new opportunities and consulting.
Feel free to connect with me to start the conversation....