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My purpose is to connect people, businesses, and emotions to create a human experience. I use cooperation, trust, and honesty as my personal and professional guiding values. In my experience, building the organization's customer experience discipline is complex.

As the founder of CX Connector, I have developed 100% virtual training and implementation modules to help organizations and their teams lead the change, get buy-in, and get results in the five customer experience disciplines, culture, strategy, insights, measurement, and design.

As a customer experience manager with over ten years of trajectory, I work as a Senior Manager Customer Insights at a financial organization, developing the customer insights program. I worked as the lead for an online community, developed governance structures, planned the community roadmap, executed communications, and positioned the community effectively; as a self-service support channel. In a previous position as a retention manager, I designed and implemented the "Voice of the Customer" program, developed surveys, measures, and reporting, delivered a sustainable Net Promoter Score program from scratch within six months.

I am a curious person and always looking to learn and apply my knowledge in business; as a customer experience leader, I volunteer with to drive forward customer experience practices in Latin America.


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