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With over 20 years of experience, I have developed and deployed numerous actionable strategies, directed organizational planning and management in a wide range of contexts, and ensured that the intended goals were realized in a way that was both coherent and executable, all while adapting to the shifting demands of the environment and the needs of stakeholders.

In my experience, I have taken on several roles. Because of this, I now know that one's own and one's organization's shared values are the driving force behind positive cultural shifts that boost productivity on the job and produce long-lasting, meaningful results.

This experience has equipped me to lead cross-disciplinary efforts in a wide range of demanding settings, as well as to assist a wide range of organizations in launching their operations, accelerating their growth, and masterfully navigating their diverse plans from inception to fruition.


Strategic Planning and Execution │ Business Development │ Transformation, Culture & Change Management │Performance Management │ GRC Management │ Portfolio and Program Management│ Business & Operational Excellence.

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  • Middle East