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CXPA is offering recordings of our CX Foundations Course. CXPA courses are a collaborative curriculum developed by top industry leaders in CX. It includes five 90-minute recordings to enable you to dive deeper into the Foundations of CX while being guided by leading experts - and learning their tips and tricks!

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    New to Customer Experience or need a refresher?

    The CX Foundations course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Customer Experience and help you understand how they fit together for your organization. From strategy to developing insights and demonstrating results, this course will help you launch CX for you or your organization. You’ll learn the terms, understand the concepts and gain exposure to the variety of skills needed in this profession.

    CXPA recognizes six core competencies essential to the discipline of customer experience. Customer Experience Professionals are expected to utilize all of these areas in their profession and will find that they are critical for finding success within their organization. The competencies on which this course is based are:

      • CX Strategy
      • Customer-Centric Culture
      • Metrics, Measurement and ROI
      • Experience Design, Improvement and Innovation
      • Voice of the Customer Insights and Understanding
      • Organizational Adoption and Accountability

    Building a basic understanding of these competencies will help you begin the journey towards greater customer experience for your organization. That's the overall objective of this educational course - and that's what you'll take away from the class.

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