CXPA’s Guide to Employee Experience and Engagement

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CXPA’s Guide to Employee Experience and Engagement

Employee experience and engagement is an area that has been long misunderstood and overlooked. With time, organizations have come to realize the inevitable connection between customer satisfaction and that of the employee. Initially, it was often believed that merely treating the employees with kindness, providing a fair salary, and why not a yearly bonus, was already enough. With the increasing expectations from the customers and the human need for an emotional connection, all the organizational strategies around employee experience had a huge turn. Having engaged employees doesn’t guarantee 100% success, however, having disengaged employees eventually leads to failure. 


It is important to highlight that it is hard to have a great Customer Experience without having a great Employee experience. Because of this, organizations are moving towards implementing the same kind of competencies for employees as the ones they apply to their customers. 


In this guide, you will find more information about that as well as some key examples on:

- Training and development

- Rewards and recognition programs

- Voice of the employee Programs

- Empowerment

- Designing efficient processes and providing the employees with the right tools



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Natalia Jaramillo was born and raised in Colombia and has resided in the United Arab Emirates for the past ten years. She has over 10 years of experience in Customer Experience and Training in Luxury Customer Service, Selling, and personal image and etiquette for Luxury organizations in Hospitality, Retail and Corporate. Natalia has wide experience in designing a customer journey filled with meaningful touchpoints both for the employee and the customer and she has been for several years working on the ground in luxury international hotel chains and luxury retail brands implementing clienteling strategies and turning customers into ambassadors one client at a time.

Natalia has trained over 1000 people in Luxury Customer Service with over 2000 hours spread over the last 5 years of her career.


Natalia Jaramillo, CCXP, CXPA Member


  • Webinar Employee and Frontline Engagement Today (Webinar Presented by Medallia) Having consistent and structured programs for employee experience and recognition is easier than you think. Understanding the impact of even the smallest of things will help you get started small and achieve great results. This Webinar is great if you would like to have some examples of initiatives that other companies are doing around employee recognition. Detailed panelists’ sharing starts at 11:00 min.

  • Webinar The Journey of the Employee Experience (Sponsored Webinar by Medallia) This Webinar is a great tool to start humanizing the employee and actively design practices similar to those we implement for customer journeys by tapping into every touchpoint and designing each experience accordingly. Speakers here share that our employees are key assets and not just means to an end and explain how we can implement the right practices to ensure our employees are engaged.

  • Video From Customer Experience to Human Experience This video is a great point to start changing our mindset in the right direction. Everyone who interacts with the organization in the capacity of an employee, supplier, or customer is equally a human being and therefore deserves the same great experience. Implementing the 6 competencies to all our stakeholders as well as our customers is equally important.

  • Video Developing CX Competencies and Skills in Your Employees Engaging an existing employee starts with training them and getting them on board with the organizational vision and mission. Introducing these training and development programs in the right way becomes fundamental in its success. This short video gives you powerful and simple tips to make this happen.



  • Book Employee Ambassadorship Book Chapter 6, Michael Lowenstein, CCXP

    Commonly, employees and customers are seen as totally different beings and because of it, strategies are often applied from different perspectives. However, this chapter gives a perspective on the customer-employee relationship that is often overlooked and that helps us understand the importance of seeing both of them as emotional beings.

    Additionally, you can find great insight on employee incentives and rewards from pages 6 to 9.




  • Template Customer Experience Readiness Assessment, Peter Haid As part of your overall customer experience implementation, understanding where we are standing in terms of each competency and area is important. Here you will find a section within the assessment about employee engagement. It’s a great tool to see the basic areas to be considered before implementing a customer experience strategy.
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